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Procurements principles - Our values

Quality - innovation - Environment: These values are followed, and lived by, at the BärgGnuss Restaurant.

Products must always meet the quality requirements of our customers and consumers. The processes, work methods and checklists required for this are monitored and recorded on an ongoing basis. Quality checks of products, raw materials and machines are carried out in accordance with the defined standards.

With a decrease in the value added in many industries and an increase in external added value by suppliers, the importance of innovative suppliers is also increasing. Besides bringing in innovative partners, we also strive to launch our own creative products and rethink logistics and the manufacturing process.


The goal is to burden the environment as little as possible by our activities. The guidelines on this, and the customary standards, are therefore strictly followed. To reduce the burden on the environment caused by or impacted by our business (employees, partners and suppliers), and save resources by using them sparingly.

1. We strive to work with regional suppliers and manufacturers who – like us – are committed to sustainability.
2. Our strong identity and open spirit lead us to new ideas. This enables us to offer special products and services.
3. We keep the burden on the environment as low as possible and follow the principle "avoid, reduce, recycle"
4. We are aware of our responsibility towards consumers, partners, employees and society, and therefore treat them with respect.
5. We place importance on a good price/performance ratio.
6. Together with our partners, we develop our own brands and consistently position them in our company.
7. We verify our purchases and the internal handling of resources on an ongoing basis and continually introduce improvements.
8. We are economical in our use of all natural, technical and financial resources.
9. Our meat comes from the region, when possible, and we know the manufacturers. Our fish come from sustainable waters.
10. We analyse and improve waste management on our site and at the suppliers: From cultivation to storage and Transportation.